5 Key Steps to Protect Finances During Divorce

One of the most stressful experiences a person can go through is divorce. The financial questions accompanying a property settlement and division of assets can be the most frustrating and confusing part of the divorce process. However, people can protect themselves and their finances during divorce by taking certain steps. Get Organized People need to… Read more »

QDROs: An Overview of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

People going through divorce in New Jersey are required to divide their marital assets according to a principle of equitable division, which attempts to divide property fairly – though not necessarily equally – between the divorcing spouses. While most people going into a divorce know that it will most likely involve the division of assets… Read more »

The Costs of Divorce Extend Beyond Court Fees

When people think about the costs of divorce, most focus on attorney’s fees and court costs. What people don’t realize is that the hidden costs of divorce can be far more expensive. Hidden costs of divorce commonly result from changes to income and taxes, alimony and child support payments and adjustments to other assets like… Read more »

As The Housing Market Improves, Couples Gear Up for Divorce

If you have been following the numbers, you probably know that the economy and housing market is slowly recovering. This is great for couples that have been struggling financially; however, it is even better for those who are ready to split. NBC News notes that there has been a sharp increase in the number of… Read more »

The Basics of New Jersey Child Custody Law

Divorce is usually difficult, but divorce with children raises the stakes considerably – not only emotionally and financially, but also logistically. After divorce, your lifestyle and day-to-day priorities will be determined largely by the custody and parenting time, or visitation, arrangements with your ex. Most importantly, while parents have certain legal rights, New Jersey law… Read more »

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