The Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC

A family member, neighbor, caregiver or even a casual acquaintance can sometimes influence an older person to alter or amend a will. They may persuade him or her to transfer title to a house or make other distributions that benefit them. An executor may dispose of a decedent’s property far below market rates or fail to distribute it in accordance with the decedent’s wishes. These and other situations can give rise to estate litigation.

The Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC, in both Hudson and Middlesex Counties, has extensive experience in estate litigation, will contests and probate and administration matters. We work to obtain fair and legal distributions of estate property. If you think that you have been unfairly removed from a will or denied your rightful portion of an estate, or if you are an executor facing allegations of malfeasance, we can help you.

Hudson County and Middlesex County Will Contest Lawyer

Our firm represents clients in estate litigation involving:

  • Contested wills
  • Undue influence in the creation or amendment of wills
  • Illegal conveyance of estate property
  • Improper sale or distribution of estate property
  • Trust litigation
  • Alleged malfeasance by executors and trustees
  • Inadequate distribution of trust funds

A Strong Advocate for Justice

The Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC, understands how to develop a strong case on your behalf. We will thoroughly research the circumstances of your case, using forensic accountants, financial analysts and valuation specialists when necessary. We will build a strong and persuasive case designed to obtain justice and the financial resources you deserve.