The Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC

At the Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC, our goal is to resolve municipal cases in a manner that is acceptable to our clients and avoid expensive, unnecessary defense measures and lengthy court appearances. We take great pride in being honest with our clients. In fact, we will always tell you exactly what to expect in your case and will only pursue legal avenues that are in your best interest.

DUI — Traffic Violations — Neighborhood Disputes

Our firm defends clients charged with a wide range of municipal crimes, including:

  • Minor possession
  • Petty theft
  • Assault

Experienced, Honest DUI and Municipal Law Defense Attorney

While municipal crimes are typically only misdemeanors, the consequences can still be significant. Depending upon the actual charges, you may face fines, a jail or prison sentence, and/or increased insurance costs. At the Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC, we have been representing clients in the Hudson County and Middlesex County areas for over 35 years. Due to this extensive experience, we can frequently anticipate the prosecutor’s tactics and prepare a strong and effective defense on your behalf.

How We Work and How We Charge

Our legal practice is positioned on providing premium client service. This means being easy to deal with and using our experience and expertise to deliver a successful outcome for you. We pride ourselves on our open, down-to-earth approach. As part of this accessibility commitment, we will keep you posted on the progress of your case, and your options, every step of the way.

Structure of Typical Legal Case and Fees

At the Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman LLC, we are committed to exceptional dedication and client care. Below we have provided an example of how a typical legal case may transpire.

You Contact Our Office
  • By telephone or consulation form
  • We will make every effort to consult with you as soon as possible, usually on the same day.
Initial Consultation
  • We will discuss the issue in a phone call to determine if we can help you. We will not provide legal advice until you become a client.
Follow Up
  • Following our initial consultation, we will let you know whether you would benefit from a follow up meeting with us as a client.
  • We will also give you an indication of what the costs of the consultation are likely to be.
  • We will provide our charges and will explain how we will work with you.
  • Once agreed, we will start work. This usually involves a review of any necessary documents and an initial meeting with you to give you legal advice and practical guidance about next steps.
  • As your case progresses, we will keep you informed of any updates.

Our service charge options

Fixed fees

In most cases, we can fix our fees for the work we do. We’ll consider the prospect of additional and unexpected work and give you a fixed cost.

Pay as you go

Many of our clients prefer us to work on a pay-as-you-go basis. For this type of service, our standard hourly rate applies.