Divorce Rate Higher Than Previously Believed

For many years, Americans have been told by both the media and sociologists that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. While this 50 percent figure has come to be accepted by both experts and laypeople alike, there is mounting evidence that the data upon which it is based is simply not trustworthy. Indeed,… Read more »

Considering A Divorce? Collaboration Could Be The Best Option

Married couples considering divorce often feel overwhelmed. However, the route couples take plays a big part in how it goes. Collaboration is one avenue often overlooked. Married couples considering divorce often feel overwhelmed. Time, stress, and the fear of the unknown are a few reasons why. Cost is another big reason. People often believe that… Read more »

Sweeping Changes Come to New Jersey’s Alimony Scheme

Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that brings significant changes to the state’s alimony laws. A long-awaited update to New Jersey’s alimony statutes means that big change is ahead for divorcing couples whose settlements might include spousal support. The state’s alimony laws have long been considered outdated, particularly in light of recent revisions… Read more »

Collaborative Divorce Becomes Popular in New Jersey

After a law passed in 2014, more couples in New Jersey are opting to engage in collaborative divorce rather than using more traditional methods. In the wake of a New Jersey state law passed last year making it easier for couples to seek collaborative divorce, the practice has become even more established in the Garden… Read more »

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