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A premarital or prenuptial agreement can have several uses. It can serve to protect the separate assets of the parties. It can ensure that a parent’s assets go to children born of a previous marriage. It can enable the parties to plan for future contingencies. A prenuptial agreement encourages a couple to discuss their finances and their future life together.

At the Law Offices of Irwin D. Tubman, LLC, we view a prenuptial agreement as a legal document that can strengthen a marriage by removing potential areas of strife and disagreement.

Premarital Contract Services

Our firm can advise and represent you in matters such as:

  • The uses and purposes of a prenuptial agreement
  • Negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements
  • Review of agreements proposed by another party
  • Cohabitation agreements

The Negotiation Process

In drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms of a prenuptial agreement, our firm remains sensitive to the emotional and relationship issues a proposed agreement can raise. We remind our clients that the provisions of a prenup are like a marriage contract. It is a mutually agreed-upon document that can spell out more than just the division of assets after divorce — an event which in fact may never occur. We will fully explore all of these aspects of your life, so that the agreement accomplishes exactly what you want to achieve.

We will take care to draft or negotiate the terms of your agreement. We will try to account for unforeseen contingencies your marriage may experience, such as the arrival of new children or changes in your lifestyle or financial circumstances. While the future can never be known with certainty, we will help you put in place a legal document that can stand the test of time.

Throughout the entire drafting, review and negotiation process, our firm will work to ensure that its provisions comply with New Jersey law and that it protects your rights and interests. Additionally, we must not lose sight of the fact that a joyous occasion is planned and keep contentious attitudes to a minimum.